We play,  we live,  we learn
!All to the glory of God
"Calling Out Ministries" is a Christian organization whose mission is to see Christ heralded to the nations and enthroned in their hearts. Our desire is to bring honor to God through investing in and raising up strong families and moral leaders that are consumed with passion to follow Christ with their lives and proclaim His gospel to all who will listen.
  1. Title The beginning of medical missions to Nicaragua
  1. Moving to the top - Putting on the roof
    After many discussions and modifications we have decided on a truss supported roofing system. The men have their safety devices and are awaiting the steel to be delivered very soon. Keep our men n your prayers for their safety and the correct installation of the roof for the "Glory Building"
  2. Juigalpa Soccer Camp
    12/10 to 18/2016
    The Christian Youth Park is getting closer to completion all the time. Last visit we leveled much of the field with a bulldozer and planted grass seeds. The guys have been watering and this December we will have a Soccer Training Camp for the churches. We will have food, fun and great Christian fellowship. Our plan is to have a movie night during the week and show the movie "War Room" which is an excellent film that highlights the importance of prayer in our lives.