Being Prepaired   "In Season and Out"

"Calling Out Ministries" is a Christian organization whose mission is to see Christ heralded to the nations and enthroned in their hearts. Our desire is to bring honor to God through investing in and raising up strong families and moral leaders that are consumed with passion to follow Christ with their lives and proclaim His gospel to all who will listen.

We are a group of likeminded individuals who unashamedly treasure Christ above all things and are dedicated to spending ourselves for His Glory.  We know that when we deny ourselves and take up our cross daily we find true life and that God's Holy Spirit will be our guide (Matthew 16:24).  We are fully aware that God is the one who leads and opens an individual's hearts to His message but also that He does it through our "Calling Out" to the lost with His glorious gospel.  With that in mind and through prayerfully following after God's leading, we seek to strategically use our God given time, talents and resources in creating favorable opportunities to proclaim the gospel and the hope that is found only in Christ.

We believe that God is guiding us to create avenues that will grow youth into strong leaders and teach families to abide in Him and His word.  We know that with Christ as their rock and foundation the storms of life serve only strengthen their faith and cause them to cling tighter to Christ. We know that love is manifested in every true Christian and that it is out of this compassion for reaching the lost that the gospel is proclaimed.  We also know that as we follow Gods leading in His purposes we will see great advances in His kingdom and we will be astonished and amazed that He counted us worthy to be a part of what He is doing.  And finally, as the bride of Christ we will rejoice and celebrate those milestone moments when we see that Christ is lifted to his rightful throne in the hearts of His people.

Our Purpose Summary:  To abide in Christ,  surrendering our lives,  investing our time and resources in God honoring activities.  We will live by following His leading and calling out to His people.  This will most certainly lead to God inspired moments that add up to milestone achievements to the honor and glory of God in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior.

Background:  Juigalpa is the 10th largest city in Nicaragua and is located about 90 miles from Managua the nation's Capital and largest city.  Juigalpa has within its borders about 55 thousand people that compete in a very difficult economic environment.  Following a brutal civil war between the troops of former dictator Somoza and the Sandinistas only to compounded by10 more years of the Contra wars from 1981 to 1990.  The region around Juigalpa was deeply affected by the fighting as well as natural disasters leaving in it's wake a very depressed economy.

Although Juigalpa is beginning to see recovery there are few jobs and those that exist are low paying making it hard for families to remain intact.  Outside of the city limits ranching and dairy farming  is the major industry producing 90% of the nations beef.  The majority of young people can read and write to some degree and usually have at least some formal secondary education.

Child labor and child neglect is more prevalent in larger cities like Managua or in tourist areas but it remains a widespread problem that continues to affect thousands of children in Nicaragua.  Roughly three in five children are employed in the agricultural sector, working mainly in the banana, cotton and tobacco fields in order to help support their families.  Those children who have to work during the day do not have time available to attend school, while those who work at night are often too tired to actively participate in class from lack of sleep.  Children in Nicaragua go to school in shifts to make double use of the buildings and the busing system.  Young children attend school in the mornings followed by the older ones in the afternoon.

For adults,  the common wage for a laborer is equivalent to 8 American dollars a day or 2 thousand dollars annually.  A skilled registered nurse makes 20 dollars a day. 

Leaders in Nicaragua and notably in this community tend to lead by intimidation and power of their position.

We believe that by focusing our energies on organizing and raising Godly leaders who unashamedly display their desire to live for God, God will cause fruit through our efforts and will impact this community in a significant way.

We will demonstrate leading and cooperation through mutual commitment to becoming more Christ like in through our faith lived out in plain view.

Nothing is more convincing than seeing someone actually living out what they say they believe.

James tells us in Chapter 4:17 (ESV)  "So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin."

We are simply trying to do the right thing... WIll you join us?